The Company

At the origin of the creation of Cattier is an extraordinary natural ingredient with multiple virtues: Clay. In 1968, a man, Pierre Cattier, perceived all the richness and benefits of this "Earth of Beauty" and decided to allow the most people possible to benefit from this.

Rich in this precious heritage, the brand then reinforced its expertise in the area of natural cosmetology, by developing a whole range of natural products, and since the early 2000s, Cattier has positioned itself as one of the pioneers of organic cosmetics.

Natural Beauty expert for more than 45 years, Cattier is a key brand on the organic cosmetics market. Since 1968, Cattier has been committed to bringing consumers all the richness and benefits of nature, without harming it.

Combining quality and results, and a pleasure to use, Cattier care and hygiene products are trusted by families and regularly receive awards from organic cosmetics specialists.

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